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Master's theses and doctoral dissertations owned by the UWM Libraries are listed in [email protected], by author, title, and subject.

Theses and dissertations done at UWM, and in the libraries' collection, are classified by a department (given a base call number) and then arranged, generally, by the author's last name.

The aim of DISCCRS is to foster such interdisciplinary work by connecting new researchers who are striving to create and integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines and to develop creative solutions to problems relating to climate change.

This guide will provide tips and tricks especially for graduate students, but we also recommend that you get to know your subject librarian for specialized help.

A British Library service which makes most British theses freely available as electronic downloads.

Strict copyright conditions mean you must register to download a thesis.For students and researchers, this application (formerly known as the ‘Union Catalog’) makes individual collections of NDLTD member institutions and consortia appear as one seamless digital library.The University Library has undertaken a project to digitise approximately 300 UWA theses completed before 2003 and to make them available through the UWA Profiles and Research Repository.Theses/dissertations with an (ARC) as part of the call number are located in the UWM Libraries Archives area, 2nd floor, west wing and do not circulate; those in microfiche only are listed as (MC), do not circulate, and should be requested from the Media and Reserve Library Service Desk (lower level, west wing).Online (UWM Users Only): UWM faculty, students, and staff have access to available online full text of UWM doctoral dissertations (1997-current) via Dissertations & Theses @ University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.This includes theses written for the Doctor of Philosophy and some Master’s by Research programs.The only condition is that the thesis must have already met all the conditions for award.View the list of the theses that have been digitised and made available.If your thesis was part of this project and you would like it removed from the UWA Profiles and Research Repository, contact [email protected] departments accept a master's paper as part of the requirement for a degree.The same publication criteria do not pertain and these are not deposited in the library.


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