Thesis On Real Estate

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However, with numbers of applicants for study suffering as a consequence of the introduction of £9,000 fees, has the buy-to-let market in Exeter reached a tipping point?

Noting, from the experiences of present day students (as well as those who have graduated over the last three years) that the number of year-long rents have declined – as students have increasingly sought better details from landlords – this dissertation evaluates the extent to which the buy-to-let market in Exeter has reached a saturation point, as well as the extent to which investing in buy-to-let student properties still represents a sound real estate investment purchase within the city.

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Endless hours of wracking your brain for the right topic, but finding none at particular, is really frustrating. Before choosing a suitable topic always ask yourself the following questions.First, it may be part of the long awaited move by the banks to ‘start lending again’.Secondly, it may be seen as a necessary fillip to the static housing market – especially north of the Midlands.However, the trauma within the Greek economy has seen the ‘real’ price of houses tumbled at an unprecedented rate.Now faced with a reality in which many cannot afford to sell their homes – let alone afford to return to the UK – this dissertation interviews British expats presently living in various locations in Greece who are trying to sell their homes.However, in thereafter contributing to new knowledge through original primary research, this dissertation revisits three neighbourhoods within San Francisco that were particularly badly affected by the sub-prime meltdown and critiques the existing strength of their real estate markets.Accordingly, this dissertation looks not only at the ‘here and now’ effects of the meltdown of five years ago but also use first hand primary evidence in the form of interviews with real estate agents and house-sellers and -buyers to offer an in-depth analysis of the current market.Suggested initial topic reading: An analysis of the student buy-to-let market in Exeter.As one of the country’s more affluent areas for students, Exeter has traditionally benefitted, like its near neighbour, Bristol, from a buoyant student buy-to-let real estate market.Well this is a serious issue, for selecting the topic is the first step of your dissertation journey and if you are stumbling and fumbling at your first step, chances are you may fall midway and get your grades poorly affected. With an abundance of knowledge and a vast experience along with a magnificent body of work, uk are the go-to people for all your dissertation woes.Be its assistance with a single section or the whole dissertation; we do it all.


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