Thesis Painting Springfield Va

On opening night, visitors will be able to control the character and explore the game.

After opening night, the demo will be replaced with a series of GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format), screenshots and videos of the game and the process behind it.

“I repeatedly layered the images on top of each other, changing each layer with colors and offsetting.” Escalera’s work, life-sized charcoal drawings that express movement through the human form, is located in the Black Box Theater in Cole Hall.

“Having a love for graphic art, pop art and photography fueled my senior thesis,” said Jones.

“This body of work spawned due to my interest in how different types of media work together,” said Tutin.

“Whether it be print, photography, videography or web design, my focus lays in how media may be used in conjunction with one another to create a cohesive body of work for use in the real world.” Meador is exhibiting ceramic hanging planters at the entrance to Cole Hall.We are born and raised by our parents, we leave the nest and we build our own lives and then, later in life, there is a time where we as children must care for our parents in a cycle of nurturing.” Hamilton and Messick are exhibiting work in the first floor lounge of Moomaw Hall.Hamilton is presenting clay sculptures of turtles, tortoises and snails.“My approach to web creation is to create cohesive designs that are enticing, simple and attention-seeking,” said Koger.Lawson is showing a set of acrylic paintings along with an in-progress demonstration of a horror video game she created. “These pieces reveal the pressures and beauty standards that ads have on today’s society and how they can affect the viewer.” Christian and Jones are exhibiting work on the first floor of the Mc Kinney Center for Science and Mathematics. “Adding the appropriated words and phrases to the studio portraits challenged their original meaning,” said Martin. Taking studio portraits, Martin added words and phrases from magazine ads—removing the brand names. “The mixing of slab and wheel-thrown techniques serves as a metaphor of these formative relationships.” Martin is exhibiting 11 photographs that include graphic design components.“I think it is interesting how they can carry their home with them,” said Hamilton.“I chose to replace their shells with pumpkins, squash and a skull.


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