Thesis Statement On Substance Abuse

Many of us are quite familiar with the terms alcohol and drug abuse.

Many a times, it is not easy to always know when one’s drinking has crossed the line from social use or moderate to drinking problem.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse have a higher chance of catching up with those who consume alcohol in order to cope with difficulties or avoiding feeling bad.

Either, those who suffer from mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder are also singularly at risk because they may use alcohol to self-medicate (Department of Health & Human Services, 5).

It is also important to note that due to the fact it is not easy to figure when one has crossed the line from social drinking to problem drinking, if drinking cause’s problems in your life then you have a drinking problem.

The initial decision to take drugs is often voluntary to most people.

However, over the period there are changes that occur in the brain and the challenges which the addicted individual’s self-control and hampers their ability to resist intense impulses to take drugs (Department of Health & Human Services, 13).An addict may have continued consumption of alcohol even though it is bringing a strain to your relationships, as well as using alcohol as a way of relaxing or removing stress (Department of Health & Human Services, 11).Though it is a big risk factor, not all alcohol abusers become full-blown alcoholics.Therefore, the over consumption of alcohol is not good to the consumers.The common signs and symptoms and symptoms of alcohol abuse are such as: Neglecting of responsibilities at work, home or school repeatedly because of drinking.The other sign is the experiencing withdrawal symptoms if alcohol is taken away from you.Alcohol abuse and alcoholism affects all aspects of one’s life.Though one can be able to strive in their work or make their marriage work, one cannot escape the effects of alcoholism and alcohol abuse on their relationships (National Prevention Council, 2).Drinking problems often strain the people who are close to you.The social consequences are devastating despite the lethal damage that heavy drinking does to the body including heart problems, cancer and liver disease.The probability of an alcohol abuser and an alcoholic getting a divorce is high as they often experience domestic violence, live in poverty and struggle with unemployment.


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