Time Patriotism Essay

The pledge is our daily promise to be loyal to our coun­try.

We make the promise to our flag which symbol­izes our country.

Lady Liberty shows a lot of freedom as she welcomes many immigrants and visitors as they enter America.

On the statue’s crown she has seven spikes for the seven continents and the seven seas.

Patriotism makes me feel some sadness but it also makes me feel lucky that so many in our country sacrifice their lives to protect us and our freedom.

During the 9-11 attacks many people died and many of them were police and firemen trying to protect us. We have symbols to remind us of our days like 9-11 and our key values.

Their sacrifices remind me to ex­press my patriotism by making wise and respon­sible choices for both me and my country.

2 Place By Sara Meredith TBE 5th Grade Period 2 Laudise Freedom, bravery, and honor are the words I think of when someone says the word patriotism.

Liberty Bell was rung in Philadelphia and it is now on dis­play there.

A symbol of our country that we experience every school day is the Pledge of Allegiance.


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