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He thus finds himself resenting the Burmese people as well.

He thus finds himself resenting the Burmese people as well.

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The story begins with Orwell explaining his deep hatred for the role he took place in during his service as a police officer in Burma.

He was not happy within his daily routine and began to feel intense hatred towards the empire, he served, the Burma people (yellow faces) and with his deep smoldering emotions within himself....

The worst part of that prospect would rather be that the crowd would laugh.

In this way, he realizes that the entire enterprise of the empire is kept afloat by the personal fear of humiliation of individual officers. A disturbing change comes over it and merely seems to age.

At this stage Orwell has the clear revelation that all white men in the colonized world are beholden to the people whom they colonize.

If he falters, he will let down the guise of power, but most of all, he will create an opportunity for the people to laugh.

On this day, Orwell learns that an elephant has broken its chain and it is undergoing a bout of "must" (a passing hormonal disorder that causes elephants to become uncontrollably violent).

The elephant is rampaging through a bazaar, wreaking havoc.

He learns later that it took half an hour for the elephant to die.

There's some discussion among the other police officers about whether or not he did the right thing. The younger ones feel that it's a shame to shoot an elephant for killing a Burmese collie.


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