Toefl Ibt Essay How Many Words

Toefl Ibt Essay How Many Words-37
So pick some of them, momorize them and start using them in your essays.

These are some tricky linking words and phases that can be used to increase the score on your TOEFL IBT writing section.

Introduction:- It is common knowledge that …- It is an indisputable fact that …- Here is a/another controversial issue which provides a good ground for argument- In our daily lives we face …- It is admitted/claimed/believed that …- I absolutely agree/disagree with the claim/statement/idea that …- I truly support the idea that …- To my way of thinking …- As far as I am concerned …- As for me …- It is customary for somebody to …- In my opinion …- I think …- To me …- Theoretically speaking …

Moreover, in the article it is stated that thousands died as a result of this.

In contrast, the lecturer's position is that when contact with Europeans and South Americans began the population of the island was only about 3000.

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In the article, it is said that many curved blades used as weapons have been found on Easter Island.

The lecturer, however, rebuts this by mentioning that the shapes of the blades suggest that they were not actually weapons.

First, students read an article (four paragraphs) about an academic topic.

Next, they listen to a lecture which opposes the main argument of the article.


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