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In her next speech she states, “We don’t know who killed him. In her very next breath she reflects back on here duty to be a loyal sheriff’s wife: “The law has got to punish crime, Mrs. After her speech, you wonder what the ladies will do. Conflict and climax allows the reader or viewer to stay glued to the play.The biggest question is will they reveal the incriminating evidence. The conflict allows you to see the struggle that is in the play and the climax is where we begin to get answers in the play. Although it was short and gave you a lot during the play.

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There is also conflict between the men and women characters. The dramatic question poses a problem that must be solved. Peters find the dead canary with the broken neck, that question is answered. The turning point of the action in the plot of a play is also the climax.

The conflict is from the men who believe they are more important than woman. This is the first question because it gets answered. The climax represents the point of greatest tension in the work. Peters finds her torn between her desire to save Minnie and her duty to the law. Peters has four major speeches that describe her conflict that turns into the climax.

They go to the house and search all over for a motive.

The women they bring with them are their wives and their sole purpose is to gather some items for Minnie.

This play can relate to today’s world because there are cases like this all the time.

But not only the murder side, but the law side as well.Now women are out in the workforce holding positions higher than men. Glaspell wrote this play, to have society take a look at how women were treated and viewed by men. I think it will be key to visualize the detail of the play.It is well written and very descriptive and that will be important when performing it.The first and most violent conflict is between John and Minnie Wright. They have conflict within themselves because they are struggling to make the right decision as it relates to Mrs. The county attorney needs a motive of why Minnie Wright killed her husband to prosecute her.This conflict takes place before the play actually begins. That is the question that you ask yourself as you read or watch the play. The new dramatic question is posed, will the women inform the men about what they found or will the men find it themselves. Climax is “a moment, usually coming late in a play, when tension reaches its greatest height (683).Going through the details of the house, looking at things and items to figure out a person’s thoughts and motives is very interesting.It is still very shocking on how men saw women, but it feels good to know that women have come a long way from where we use to be.In this play, you are presented with one figuring out if Mrs.Wright killed her husband and if she did what was her motive.The conflict may occur within a character as well as between characters. Peters struggles with her dedication to the law, as a Sheriff’s wife. The next literary element is the dramatic question.In the play “Trifles ,” there are many different conflicts that exist. Hale struggles with the fact she wasn’t there for Mrs. They also have conflict between the two of them because Mrs. The first dramatic question is the motive of Minnie.


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