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According to the United Nations, 65 million people worldwide have left their homes to seek safety elsewhere due to violence, conflict, persecution, or human rights violations. Foreign Service —– a diplomat working to promote peace, support prosperity, and protect American citizens while advancing the interests of the United States abroad – and are now assigned to the U. Using the resources available to you as a member of the Foreign Service, write a memo to your Ambassador outlining how the United States might help address the current unprecedented levels of displacement.The majority of these people are refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs). You may choose to address issues related to the causes of refugee crisis, or to focus on the humanitarian crisis in your host country.Previously, the grey walls had been graffitied in black with what may have seemed to passersby as an unintelligible word: “chimalpopoca.” The term was then partially covered in pink and replaced by more black words in Spanish: “que se rinda tu madre” (let your mother surrender).

USIP first partnered with AFSA for the 2016 contest and was pleased to welcome winner Dylan Borne to Washington in August.

His paper describes his role as an economic officer in the U. Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance.

He writes about promoting education for girls in Afghanistan through on-line courses and dispersal of laptops.

Photo: Ernesto Salmerón Abstract: The photography, video, and installations of the artist Ernesto Salmerón have continually questioned the performance of memory in the context of post-war Nicaragua.

In the guide you will find: insights into the role of the Foreign Service; country, organization, and key-term briefs to provide a foundational understanding; and a list of other useful resources.

Download the Companion Guide for the 2017 National High School Essay Contest (.pdf).

J.), India Kirssin (Mason, Ohio), Vaibhav Mangipudy (Plainsboro, N.

J.), William Marsh (Pittsburgh, Penn.), Zahra Nasser (Chicago, Ill.), Elizabeth Nemec (Milford, N. Y.), Max Pumilia (Greenwood Village, Colo.), Nikhil Ramaswamy (Plano, Texas), Aditya Sivakumar (Beaverton, Ore.), Donovan Stuard (Bethlehem, Penn.), Rachel Tanczos (Danielsville, Penn.), Isabel Ting (San Ramon, Calif.), Kimberley Tran (Clayton, Mo.), and Chenwei Wang (Walnut, Calif.). Your task is to provide recommendations to address the refugee/IDP crisis facing the country in which you are now posted.

A qualifying memo will be 1,000-1,250 words and will answer the following questions: MEMORANDUM TO: Ambassador ______________________ FROM: Only use your first name here DATE: RE: Think of this as your title, make sure to include the country you are writing about Summary: Here you want to lay out the problem, define criteria by which you will be deciding the best steps the U. could take, and include a short sentence or two on your final recommendation.

Embassy leadership is very busy and reads many memos a day —– they should be able to get the general ““gist”” of your ideas by reading this section. might address this issue and how these steps can contribute to peace and security.


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