Truth In Context An Essay On Pluralism And Objectivity

Truth In Context An Essay On Pluralism And Objectivity-71
The actually possible in this world is vastly narrower than all that is demanded; and there is always a between the ideal and the actual which can only be got through by leaving part of the ideal behind.There is hardly a good which we can imagine except as competing for the possession of the same bit of space and time with some other imagined good.

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None of us thinks and feels exactly like his fellow man; why then do we wish to deceive each other with delusive words? Allan Arkush, introduction and commentary by Alexander Altmann (Hanover, 1983: University Press of New England for Brandeis University Press) Benjamin Constant, ‘Liberty of the Ancients and the Moderns Contrasted’, ‘On Uniformity’ and ‘On Innovations, Reforms, and the Stability and Uniformity of Institutions,’ in , 7 June) Glen Newey expresses the belief that Bernard Williams was the first to talk about Agamemnon’s dilemma at Aulis in value pluralist terms.

It is hardly necessary to present a literary picture of this, for the facts are too well known.

There is really no more ground for supposing that all our demands can be accounted for by one universal underlying kind of motive than there is ground for supposing that all physical phenomena are cases of a single law.

They replied they would not do it for any money in the world.

Later, in the presence of the Greeks, and through an interpreter, so that they could understand that was said, he asked some Indians, of the tribe called Callatiae, who do in fact eat their parents’ dead bodies, what they would take to burn them (as was the custom of the Greeks).


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