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This technique is actually useful when one is coming up with personal experience and persuasive essays.

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The examples are physical (running a marathon), mental (a book you have read), and emotional (falling in love). The actor is involved in the action–either responsible for it or simply affected by it.

It may also come in the form of force, something that causes an action. The setting is the situation or background of the action.

According to the University of Canberra, an essay question is typically composed of two elements: The NSW Department of Education and Communities emphasizes the need to study the keywords of the assignment question carefully.

Their pointers include: identifying the topic words that ask for the particular subject of an essay, eg the character of Juliet in Shakespeare’s piece; being aware of the limiting words that define the scope of what must be discussed, eg “Chapters 1-3”; and noting the Task Words (or direction words).

Isn’t it tricky that you may feel disoriented or clueless when what you are just facing is a neat, blank paper?

Filling it up with words is not as easy as jumping in a pool and everything that follows is fun and predictable. Jean Jacques Rousseau, an 18-century philosopher and writer, once said, “However great a person’s natural talent may be, the art of writing cannot be learned all at once.” This Guide will serve as your introduction to a series of articles on writing, starting with its most basic form: essay writing. Basic Structure of an Essay The Role of Research in Writing Writer’s Block and Where to Get Inspiration Stephen King, in his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, wrote “The scariest moment is always just before you start.

, explained that invention and inquiry strategies (also known as heuristics) are helpful because they are tools to building a framework for an essay and can be used in almost all writing situations.

These strategies can help one explore, study, and scrutinize a topic.

The first category of these strategies is called Mapping.

Mapping refers to visual techniques, particularly maps.


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