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The catalog also offers a special search form for theses and dissertations that allows you to limit by academic department or advisor.

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Although these wide bandgap power devices enable more ambitious commercial applications compared to their silicon-based counterparts, reaching their potential is contingent upon developing integrated circuits (ICs) capable of operating in similar environments.

The foundation of any electrical system is the ability to efficiently condition and supply power.

Required forms are listed on page 10 in the Guide to Theses and Dissertations.

The necessary forms can be found on the Graduate School and International Education Forms page.

The necessary forms can be found on the Forms page.

PDF “Because I Care I risk”: How CEO Free Market Orientation Affects the Extent and Type of Income Smoothing, Mirzokhidjon S.Bostwick PDF Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in an Interstate Median Barrier, Richard Albert Deschenes PDF Comparing Ferrous Chloride and Ferrous Sulfate as Secondary Coagulants at the Beaver Water District Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Jenny Doyle PDF Development of a Hydrologic Model for an Urban Headwater Stream: The Influence of Pervious Surface Properties on Runoff Dynamics, Dawn A.Scholar [email protected] highlights a growing collection of faculty publications, presentations, student work and teaching materials.(2) How do student-athletes experience inclusion within University?Data collection includes: document review, semi-structured interviews, and reflexive journaling.The University of Arkansas is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. Just follow the guidelines, and let us know how we can assist you.Due dates for completing your degree, applying to graduate, and submitting your thesis/dissertation can be found on our commencement information page You should also check out our Guide to Preparing Theses and Dissertations for more information on how to submit.Please be sure to only use the most current guide off the website.Do not use an old guide or another student’s paper for formatting and information.Watters PDF Exploring Compaction Effects on Cold In-Place Recycling Mixtures using Emulsified Asphalt, Erica Ann Yeung PDF A Comparison of Force and Pressure Coefficients on Dome, Cube and Prism Shaped Buildings due to Straight and Tornadic Wind Using Three Dimensional Computational Fluids Dynamics, Majdi A. Yousef PDF Field Observations and Computer Modeling of Tornado-Terrain Interaction and its Effects on Tornado Damage and Path, Nawfal Shihab Ahmed PDF Evaluation of Poisson’s Ratio of Asphalt Concrete, Elvis Alexander Castillo Camarena PDF Development of the MASW Method for Pavement Evaluation, Benjamin J.Strands on Pretensioned Concrete Elements, Canh Ngoc Dang PDF Three Dimensional Simulations of Tornado Sheltering Effect of Man-made Structures, Piotr Gorecki PDF Laboratory Comparison of Full Depth Reclamation Stabilization Techniques Using Arkansas Field Materials, Chase Aaron Henrichs PDF Investigation of the Inherent Chemical, Structural, and Mechanical Attributes of Bio-Engineered Composites Found in Nature: Alligator Gar’s Exoskeleton Fish Scales, Wayne Derald Hodo PDF Development of Best Management Practices for Turbidity Control during Rainfall Events at Highway Construction Sites using Polyacrylamide, Joanne Johnson PDF Biofilm-related Materials as Total N-nitrosamine (TONO) Precursors and Hydroxylamine-based Interferences in TONO and N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) Measurements, David Allen Meints PDF Application of Polyacrylamide-based Floc Logs for Turbidity Control at Highway Construction Sites, Kien Ngo PDF Alkali Silica Reaction Mitigation Using High Volume Class C Fly Ash, William Joseph Phillips PDF Development of Pre-stressed CFRP Fatigue Retrofits for Common Steel Bridge Connections, Korey Albert Pough PDF Amount of Uncertainty in the Methods Utilized to Design Drilled Shaft Foundations, Morgan Race PDF Comparing Layer Types for the Use of MEPDG for FDR Design, Sadie Smith PDF The Aerodynamic and Dynamic Loading of a Slender Structure by an Impacting Tornado-Like Vortex: The Influence of Relative Vortex-to-Structure Size on Structural Loading, Matthew Nicholas Strasser PDF Cost-Benefit Analyses for Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) of Drilled Shafts in Arkansas, Sarah Michelle Bey PDF Calibration of Resistance Factors for Driven Piles using Static and Dynamic Tests, Deshinka A.


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