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To get you started, we have talked with College Vine consultants who are currently attending UChicago and compiled a few reasons why they love the student life on campus.This is not a comprehensive list, so if you have another reason that resonates more with you, definitely use it!One way you can approach this essay is by dividing your “reasons” into four categories: academics, research/internship opportunities, extracurriculars, and campus life.

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Similarly, if you want to talk more about your desire to be a historian of medieval England folklore, you can write a letter to Excalibur and talk about how despite a great deal of public interest, there is still limited knowledge on the origins of many stories.

If you have absolutely no idea what you could possibly write about, then you can consider going through some sentimental objects and finding inspiration as you go through your forgotten stuff.

Instead, think back to your memories with the doll and why you still have it.

If you find something interesting in your reflection, then start to brainstorm around it.

Due to the open-ended nature of the essay prompts, it’s very easy for students to feel lost when they are attempting their first draft.

Fortunately, we have come up with a comprehensive breakdown of the prompts for the 2018-2019 application cycle so read on to see how you can get started with your essays!This prompt is really about exploration and discovery.Students interested in history, philosophy, science, or even creative writing may really resonate with it (though they are by no means the only ones who can and should write on this prompt! The great thing about the UChicago supplements is that they allow you to be unconventional.Rather than having students randomly assigned to a dorm, the college takes great care in matching each student to a specific dorm on campus that would reflect their personality and interest.Additionally, the RH and RAs are all trained to create a warm, family-like environment.While you may be used to writing supplemental essays that focuses on you or explicitly showing a characteristic of yours, that is not the case with UChicago essays.Of course, anything you decide to write will be a reflection of you, but if you are someone who prefers not to make yourself the center of your writing, then this prompt is perfect for that.You are placed in a non-realistic situation, so you have the freedom to explore either a different universe or to talk about how you approach obstacles in a very abstract setting. If you are multilingual, then this could be a great option for you!If there is a word or expression in another language that isn’t translatable in English, then this is a great opportunity to try and make that connection.Reason 3: UChicago’s social activism clubs are very involved with the issues affecting the South Side of Chicago.They are helping to shed light and turn the narrative on a neighborhood that is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the broader eyes of the nation.


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