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A concentration in cognitive neuroscience at Brown offers a window into cutting edge science through extraordinary programs like the Brown Institute for Brain Science and its summer research opportunities for undergraduates, while also allowing for a holistic, interdisciplinary, liberal arts education that is unparalleled.

The student briefly explains his background, what inspired his love of science, and why Brown is the best place for him to explore that interest.

When I showed interest in STEM as a child, I was bombarded by enthusiasm from my parents.

During my senior summer, I participated in lab work through the Neurological Summer Program at the University of Washington.

Sometimes, they will add in a special component to the prompt that asks you to discuss how you would bring diversity to the campus.

When you’re trying to answer prompts like these, you need to first choose a specific community that you belong to, or a background that you have that has impacted your development.

If your essay as a higher word count, you might consider zooming in on some important experiences with your academic interest, and showing us your passion through storytelling, rather than simply describing it.

Many colleges give prompts that ask you to talk about your background, culture, and the communities that have shaped you.

I found the time passing quickly; I was mesmerized by the brain.

Every night I itched to get back to my research to analyze all my results, and I began to consider the interest in science to be mine alone.


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