Useful Vocabulary For Argumentative Essays

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Everyone’s at it: politicians, news broadcasters, lawyers, and solicitors…even that noisy couple next door who can’t seem to agree on whose turn it is to take the garbage out!When you write an argumentative essay, you are not angry; in fact, it’s the complete opposite.

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The most important thing you need when composing your essay is the desire to win.

Your main objective is to change the opinion of the reader and, to do this, you need to be very, very convincing. For this reason, you should have two things in mind when selecting a topic: Yes, dull as it is, you need to read, read and read some more.

The goal of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader that your position is logical, ethical, and, ultimately, right. It’s not like you’re having a shouting match with your little brother across the dinner table. For one thing, you’re going to be responding to the ideas of others as you write your argument.

In argumentative essays, writers accomplish this by writing: Introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion: these are the main sections of an argumentative essay. And when you’re done writing, someone—a teacher, a professor, or exam scorer—is going to be reading and evaluating your argument.

Ask the following: By asking questions such as these, you can really understand whether you have a chance of winning the argument and can anticipate the crucial points that could determine your success or failure. A useful structure may look like this: One final point, argumentative essays do not need to be boring.

Choose a topic that you’re interested in, and you may just find that writing essays can actually be fun!

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If there’s one writing skill you need to have in your toolkit for standardized tests, AP exams, and college-level writing, it’s the ability to make a persuasive argument.

If not, then there’s no need for the essay in the first place.

Your objective when writing argumentative essays is to anticipate what someone who is opposed to your argument may say, and to subsequently counter and overcome their objections. Think of your essay in terms of paragraphs, with each paragraph addressing a separate element of the argument.


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