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If you want to shift industries, you should be able to draw some tangential connection of skillsets or work styles that make sense within both industries.

If you want to shift industries, you should be able to draw some tangential connection of skillsets or work styles that make sense within both industries.

This makes your overall professional story coherent, sound, and feasible.

If your goals are in line with your experiences and follow a reasonable track, the admissions committee will be excited to help you take your next step.

In this essay, you need to show that you will participate in different Wharton programs and show what you can contribute to those opportunities.

First of all, we recommend by starting off with what “contribution” means to you.

You should also show that you will take advantage of the more socially oriented opportunities at Wharton.

This will demonstrate that you also understand the importance of campus life and that you will be a good fit for the social student body.Here is an example of what one of the contributions might look like:“After serving as a key player in my family business for five years, and as a future leader of the company, the Family Business Club is a natural place for me to give back.I look forward to openly discussing topics such as navigating family businesses during tough times and overcoming second/third generational transition issues.It’s not enough to simply mention these in passing – research the available opportunities that would actually help develop these skills.Like the “Why Wharton” question, this too requires some research.The last part of this essay should address the question “what do you hope to gain professionally at Wharton.” Your answer to their question should reflect the fact that Wharton has all the available opportunities to serve as a bridge between your current situation and your short-term goal of your career path.Thus, your answer should be tailored to the courses, clubs, recruitment opportunities, professors, programs, and any other offering at Wharton that will help support your career path.Not a dictionary definition, but how you’ve viewed the notion of contribution through your career and your personal life.Hopefully, you have some personal take on this value.The three-point structure we recommend should engage one professional contribution (should be related to your professional history and accomplishments), one semi-professional contribution (a unique trait you have), and one personal and fun contribution (a specific social event or a cause that is important to you based on past experiences).The structure of each one of these prongs should be “here is a description of an experience in which I contributed, and here is a specific club, course, or event at Wharton where I can implement this professional or personal strength of mine.” The logic behind this structure is to first gain credibility by demonstrating via an experience or an anecdote that you not only have something to contribute but you’ve done so before.


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