What Makes A Competition Unfair Essay

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It looks like she took a copy of it when she left and is now using it to target my customers!This will be unfair competition and may even be a crime.

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She even used my same pink logo that I designed myself.

I'm headed off to see my attorney because I think Wilma's purposely trying to steal business away from me.

Some states have adopted a form of the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which simply makes a private civil remedy available to plaintiffs due to any misleading advertising, false disparagement, trade symbol infringement, or other deceptive trade practice.

The plaintiff can be a consumer or a competing business. The Lanham Act devotes an entire section to unfair competition between businesses.

As a part of this goal, the FTC regulates the Lanham Act and also has its own set of unfair competition regulations.

These can be found in Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

I think she wants people to confuse her business for mine.

I'm pretty sure this is a case of trademark infringement and a form of unfair competition.

The third thing I noticed about Wilma's business concerns an advertisement. In it, she lists several pet products that she knows I sell.

The products appear to be knock-offs of my line of homemade, organic pet hair care products.


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