Why Are Chores Important Essay

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Whats more, such tasks teach them about being reliable, working efficiently and developing integrity.

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Such experiences are a part of the socialization process whereby social and cultural norms are passed on to future generations.

Economically, children need to understand the connection between effort and reward.

This arrangement allows youngsters to realize that by exchanging their free time for work, they can earn money to buy the things they like.

In this way, young people develop a strong sense of the financial realities that await them.

Socially, young people need to be absorbed into the social nexus.

While developing independence is a desirable trait, it is equally important to realize that we live in an interdependent world.

From this perspective, assigning household tasks to children is beneficial from a personal, social and economic point of view.

Personally, children need to learn the value of responsibility.

It is what is expected of all members of a family and also teaches them how to do things on their own when they become adults.

For example, my friend had a bad time when she separated from her parents.


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