Why Im Proud To Be An American Essay

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Neil C., 10, Wisconsin Being an American means that we are all treated equally no matter what color skin you have, and it doesn't matter what culture you are from.If you are an American you are mighty lucky because you will be free forever.When you return from studying abroad, you are inevitably showered with questions. When I, an African-American person, returned from four months in Ghana, many people asked me if I felt my time there changed me in any way.

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After returning to the states, I found I had an increased sense of respect and pride for my distinctly African-American culture.

It makes sense: As an American in Ghana, I felt, well, American – a fact of which I was constantly reminded.

On September 11, 2002, I will wear an American shirt to school. Everyone is different and has a different personality.

Matt L., 12, Alabama To be an American is great, because I have freedom of speech; I can go to school to get an education; I have a great family; and you can go where- ever you want to. So you can be Italian, Mexican, or Irish, and still be an American. Rachel P., 10, Alabama I think being an American is having freedom, the Bill of Rights, and just one person can make a difference in America.

Cody S., 10, Wisconsin I think that America is a great country and the First Amendment says it all.

Kane B., 10, Alabama To be an American means you have the right and freedom to do what you want. Whitley S., 11, Alabama When I think about September 11, 2001, I walk up and down my neighborhood waving an American flag.

That is, groups who are in power can determine and enforce what society views as deviant behavior.

In the United States, African-American culture has traditionally been labeled deviant by the powerful White majority.

Once I was able to separate race and nationality, I began to more clearly understand the effects of the construction of race in America.

It was these realizations that made me fall more deeply in love with my African-American culture.


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