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For leading these virtual teams will need special leadership skills and practices, the authors like Rosen, Furst, & Blackburn did intense research and found nearly six types of leadership practiced performed by virtual team leaders, those can elaborated mainly as establishing and maintaining trust through use of communication technology, ensuring distributed diversity, managing working life cycle, monitoring teams progress, enhanced visibility, enabling virtual team members to benefit from collaborated team work (Rosen, Furst, & Blackburn, 2006 as cited in Malhotra, Majchrzak, & Rosen, 2007).For me leading virtual teams requires all the leadership and project management skills.So, leading these teams need special requirements and skills apart from general organizational behavior.

In some situations for virtual teams will see emergent leadership skill where the active team members will lead the teams according to the situation of the project or proposed work.

There is different leadership behaviors proposed by various studies the main leadership skills exhibited by these team leaders will be transformational, transactional and participative behaviors.

This review of research examines the process of leadership, Types of Leadership, Functions of leadership, Conflict models, Leadership performance, effectiveness of leader, Leadership outcomes, Self-management in Virtual teams, working skills, Building trust and cooperation through technology adoptions in Virtual teams.

Based on the review of the literature and research many hypotheses were proposed regarding the functions of leaders in virtual teams to manage, reduce the conflict and to motivate team members for sustained outcome.

Elective leadership is the key factor that influences success in a virtual organization.

The Maintenance of cultural identity, brand of employment and employee-manager satisfaction requires consistent and regular communication (O’Neill, Lewis, & Hambley, 2008). According to O’Neill, Lewis, & Hambley,(2008) generally leadership included in virtual teams a strongly focuses on relationships, emotional intelligence, a track record and innovation, a focus on process and outcome, and the ability to give positive and constructive feedback.

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Virtual team has to overcome the following external and internal challenges.

External factors are outside the control of a virtual team and the team has to find a way to manage them for example, like distance, time and technology.


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