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Grantees may not accept other awards that provide a comparable stipend during the tenure of this fellowship nor may they undertake substantial outside employment (more than fifteen hours per week) without written permission.Persons who decline the offer of a Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship are ineligible to reapply in a subsequent year.

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The fact that some of what you do is a waste isn’t the point. But make sure you have an output that you produce every day. Now, this was two years before he won the Nobel prize in economics. This was 1984, but he was pretty scary even without a Nobel prize. Because if you know when you’re working on it that’s really of no consequence, why are you spending your time on it?

The point is to develop the skills so when the dissertation comes up, you’ll be ready. How are you going to stay excited enough about it to be able to produce a decent quality piece of work if you already know that it’s trivial?

Doctoral Fellows are encouraged to apply for the Dissertation Fellowship program. Transcripts must be received on or before February 1st.

It is also open to outstanding students who may not intend to teach in theological education, but whose dissertation projects have the potential to strengthen the religious life of North American Christians and their institutions. Recommenders must submit their letters by February 8th. Applications must include: Every year the Louisville Institute Board appoints a selection committee to review proposals and award Dissertation Fellowships.

The problem is faculty would like you, and I’m no different, faculty would like for you to validate their pathetic lives by taking their classes very, very seriously. You’re going to try to get a job as an independent researcher who has their own ideas.

Who’s able to make his or her own ideas clear to someone in writing. Munger says in the interview below: But he is quick to point out that dedication to consistency and hard work pay off. Today our topic is dissertation writing and research agendas, and my guest is Mike Munger. Munger is a professor at Duke University in the political science and economics department and the School of Public Policy, as well as the director of the joint UNC Duke Philosophy Politics and Economics Program. A graduate student is somewhere between an undergraduate and a professional.The podcast below contains the full interview with Dr. What’s disturbing about it is that faculty often don’t really tell you that.The Dissertation Fellowship program has no residence requirement.However, all fellows selected in 2020 are expected to participate in the Institute’s annual Winter Seminar scheduled for January 2021 (exact dates TBA).The application system will close promptly at 5 PM EST on the deadlines listed above.Please take the time zone into account if you or your letter writers will be submitting your application or supplementary materials from a different time zone.Please also be advised that due to a large number of applications, as the deadline approaches, server traffic may slow the ability to upload and submit files.For that reason, we strongly recommend that you and your letter writers submit your materials well in advance of the deadline.If you have further questions not covered by the instructions below, please visit the FAQ page for more information regarding the fellowship and application process.As you begin to write your dissertation, you begin to understand that not all of your thoughts are nearly as profound as you imagined. Here are a few of his thoughts on keeping the perfect from becoming the enemy of the good as you write, finishing your dissertation sooner rather than later, finishing graduate school (on time), and getting a job afterward. The people who succeed are those who make that transition faster.


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